Cape House Gallery

Black Friday all Month Long

I don't know if you've been checking out the new items on the website.
If not, here's the scoop!!
There is a special collection: Cape House Gallery, there you will find many of the ornaments you have come to know and love.
Well, here's reason to love them even more.
Every ornament in that collection from 4" to 6" ornaments will be available by phone call only and are available for a fraction of the cost with all the quality only aSarabella Ornament has.
The Cape House Gallery is where Sarabella Greeting Cards began. Now over 20 years later we are back where we belong, back to basics. It's a warm feeling.  Cape House Gallery is a  beautiful little cottage with the most beautiful gifts ever. It's a shop that you would find on the Hallmark Christmas Channel.
This year I am so happy to work with Cape House and offer a Black Friday page of ornaments that you can purchase only by calling The Cape House (317.718.9158) or better yet if you are in the neighborhood take a stroll over to
7440 Amboy Road in Staten Island, NY and enjoy all the gift items, art and happy feelings you will get walking in the door. You won't be disappointed and you will feel the Holiday spirit that sometimes gets lost in the Christmas Rush. 
Discontinued items, overstock, samples etc. fill list of whats available for your Christmas Shopping. So why wait untill Black Friday or the Day after Christmas, get them while they last. Very limited quantities. Most are one of a kind.
I promise I will do more blogging since this is my first one and I am LOVING IT!!!
Happy Shopping! 
xoxo Natalie, Fa La La
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