2020 Celebrating 25 Years ~ QVC Anniversary Set only at QVC.com

Collection: QVC and Natalie Sarabella

QVC and Natalie Sarabella have collaborated to bring all our fans a special 
25th Anniversary, Limited Edition Ornament set. 
A 6 piece set that are Natalies most popular designs. 
This year marks 25 years of excellence and now everyone can collect her prized designs. 
as Natalie explained, 
“With Covid keeping family and friends apart for so long we are looking forward to sharing and celebrating Christmas together.  
This lovely set of six 2” ornaments can commentate  the best part of 2020
Family & Friends.
Our Anniversary Collection is only available on QVC and once they are gone they will not be brought back until next year with all new designs. 
Natalie loves the idea that the set can be spit up and given as individuals gifts. They are perfect for place settings and each of your guests to take home a precious collectible. 
Teachers, Hair Dressers, Grab Bag are just a few ideas of how you can spit up these little treasures and have 6 individual gifts. 
A special little note card from Natalie comes with each set to remind everyone that you are truly loved appreciated. 
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