Watercolor Balloons "The Printed Series"

Natalie Sarabella

$ 30.00


Sarabella is happy to introduce our new line of printed cards and invitations.

Happy Birthday - Balloon Watercolor 

You asked for them now they are here

Beautiful renditions of our hand painted cards.


 Our beautiful watercolor originals are one of a kind. 

All of our printed renditions are still on Premium Arzberger Stationary. These beautiful. greeting cards will be the most precious card you have ever given. It is the gift itself. Dazzling Swarovski Crystals are delicately placed with some added sparkle to make this beautiful art piece something that will be remembered for years.

 Since 1922, Azberger has produced finely crafted wedding, personal and social stationery for customers throughout the United States. 



Watercolor Balloons
Height 7 in
Width 7 in
Weight 1 lbs

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