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2" - 4" ceramic disks


Clear glass with gold edge Tea Light holders are newly added for 2021 

Delicate flowers are painted on 4 sides then dotted with Swarovski crystals. Gold edging adds a an extra touch which highlights the shape of this beautiful gift . Can be elegantly displayed in any room.  Make it your perfect go to gift . Some ideas... “Just Because”, New Mom, Brides-maids, Favors etc. 

Designer Natalie Sarabella

Natalie Sarabella

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1995 - 2020  "25 Years of Excellence

1995 - 2020 Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence

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Natalie Sarabella's Christmas Tree


Barbara BoyleIt is I who must thank you for having a dream and following it. Walking into Betgdorfs all those years ago took a great deal of confidence. I would like to add that it’s impossible to have a relationship with ( company name retracted) or big companies. Thank you for being available and accommodating to those of us who admire and love your work! 

Barbara Boyle

Barbara Boyle is with Natalie Sarabella

  · Many years ago Charlie and I had a Christmas ritual. The Friday after Thanksgiving he would take me to Plandome Road in Manhasset, NY to browse the gift shops. One year while in the Enchanted Cottage a small pillow caught my eye. The owner, who had gotten to know me, came over and said, "It's a Natalie Sarabella." The name meant nothing to me at the time but the crystals...oh the sparkling crystals. Of course I bought the pillow for myself. It wasn't going to anyone. This was pre computers. When computers came out and I became somewhat proficient I looked up Natalie Sarabella. She has a website with the most beautiful ornaments. Over the years I've been able to purchase the ones I want sometimes with Natalie's help. Her crystals, glitter, bows, attention to detail and designs astound me. Because of Natalie Sarabella my tree is magical just like Christmas itself. Here is a photo of the pillow that started it all.


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