Collectibles by Natalie Sarabella

Collectibles by Natalie Sarabella

Sarabella Collectibles
World Renowned for Excellence and Quality.


Start Your Natalie Sarabella Couture Collection

  • Sanctioned by The Swarovski Brand
  • Fine German Mouth Blown Glass
  • 14k Gold Leaf Embellished
  • Customization Available
  • Join Exclusive Clientele
  • Proudly Made in the USA

For 20 years Sarabella's been sold in the finest department stores, major hotels and boutiques around the world. 

Sanctioned by The Swarovski® Brand, the ornaments now have the official Swarovski® tag with Sarabella's own sanction number. Continually developing and creating new and innovative designs and products for the wholesale and retail gift industry. 

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Serving all your gift needs for over 25 years - proudly made in the USA.
From the studios of Natalie Sarabella